Social media is all about engagement

I have recently encountered a large number of people using social media as a hard sales tool. Yes social media is definitely a great marketing and communications tool – no question. It’s a necessity for all businesses to build their community and can absolutely generate sales. But I do have a problem with people who connect with you and then send a personal message with an immediate sales pitch. Where is the engagement? Continue reading


Superbowl ads are taking over the internet

It’s the time of the year when arguably the best ads come out to be shown during the NFL Superbowl. It’s a multimillion dollar business in not only the cost of advertising during the football final but also to produce these high quality, creative ads. Why spend the money? Because of the sheer mass exposure as well as positive association with a sporting event that has fanatical fans connected to it. So what are some of the best this year?  Continue reading

Direct Marketing is a way to reach your audience

Direct Marketing is about reaching out to your audience via a range of mediums so that you build relationships and hopefully long term customers or clients. Loyal customers are more profitable to an organisation so marketing wants to keep their customers. Continue reading

Is it beer o’clock?

Beer is one of those products, you either love it, learn to love it or can’t stand it but beer ads well you just love them! Why? Because beer companies know their target market well and tap into (pardon the pun) what makes them tick. Let’s face it, beer it pretty much the same – if you did a blind taste test with beer from the same category, most people would not be able to distinguish the different beers. But what beer companies do well is:

  • establish their niche,
  • research their market well,
  • build on the consistently and synergy of their campaigns, and
  • create creative and engaging ads.

They do this so that their target market become loyal, even evangelists towards their favourite beer, and all brands want to do that! So here are some of my favourite beer commercials… Continue reading

It’s a boy! And so the marketing begins

Apparently the world is a flutter over the new #royalbaby who is third in line for the British thrown. Media have been camped outside St Mary’s Hospital in what is called ‘royal baby ground zero‘. It is great that a positive news story is making headlines for a change but what I am finding interesting is the agile marketing that is now taking place, especially all over Twitter. Well it’s not really agile as the creative team probably had them prepared when the news first came out that Kate was pregnant, and they’ve been waiting to hit the publish button. Continue reading