Is it beer o’clock?

Beer is one of those products, you either love it, learn to love it or can’t stand it but beer ads well you just love them! Why? Because beer companies know their target market well and tap into (pardon the pun) what makes them tick. Let’s face it, beer it pretty much the same – if you did a blind taste test with beer from the same category, most people would not be able to distinguish the different beers. But what beer companies do well is:

  • establish their niche,
  • research their market well,
  • build on the consistently and synergy of their campaigns, and
  • create creative and engaging ads.

They do this so that their target market become loyal, even evangelists towards their favourite beer, and all brands want to do that! So here are some of my favourite beer commercials…

Take for instance, XXXX – their target market is down to earth, sport playing, hard-working 30+ males who like spending time with mates, fishing and doing ‘male’ stuff. Their campaigns have been very consistent throughout the last few decades with a series of ads (just the 4 guys on the fishing trips have changed) and they create synergy with sponsoring sporting events, and having the beer island they send lucky winners to for their own fishing trip.

Original guys (Jacko and the boys)

The new guys (even features Jacko et al)

The XXXX Island announcement

Hahn Premium Light also uses consistency with their campaigns to target their male audience, who were younger, stereotypically more sophisticated but into fun and conscience of low alcohol.

Carlton Draught have also been consistent with their campaigns: using creativity and humour to target a 20-40 male.

and their hugely popular ‘Big Ad’ – this ad went viral

Budweiser is also consistent, builds on tradition and strength, and uses the SuperBowl to launch their ads.

And even one for 9/11 – only shown once on TV.

In the same vein as XXXX, Carlton Mid did a series of ads on the Woman Whisper, targeting mates socialising activities. The target is over 30+ males in relationships, however it is a little derogatory to females, so they are alienating women a little.


Their latest edition to the series, ‘what a coincidence’

The last one, is just cause I like the ad!

Throughout all these ads, beer companies don’t focus on the attributes of the product, rather the concentrate on the lifestyle of their niche market. They are aware of the target market and use consumer insight to make sure they engage their audience in way that their market identifies with the ad and the lifestyle it portrays, creating a need/want with the consumer so that they associate the product to their chosen reference group. Beer companies (and their ad agencies) create ads that are creative but are based on the key insight of consumer behaviour.


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