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Superbowl ads are taking over the internet

It’s the time of the year when arguably the best ads come out to be shown during the NFL Superbowl. It’s a multimillion dollar business in not only the cost of advertising during the football final but also to produce these high quality, creative ads. Why spend the money? Because of the sheer mass exposure as well as positive association with a sporting event that has fanatical fans connected to it. So what are some of the best this year?  Continue reading


My favourite ads currently released

These are some of my favourite ads that are doing the rounds at the moment. They grab people’s attention, they are creative but they also know their audience so the message is clear.  Continue reading

Is it beer o’clock?

Beer is one of those products, you either love it, learn to love it or can’t stand it but beer ads well you just love them! Why? Because beer companies know their target market well and tap into (pardon the pun) what makes them tick. Let’s face it, beer it pretty much the same – if you did a blind taste test with beer from the same category, most people would not be able to distinguish the different beers. But what beer companies do well is:

  • establish their niche,
  • research their market well,
  • build on the consistently and synergy of their campaigns, and
  • create creative and engaging ads.

They do this so that their target market become loyal, even evangelists towards their favourite beer, and all brands want to do that! So here are some of my favourite beer commercials… Continue reading

Fake controversial advertisements go viral

David Waller in his preliminary study on ‘What factors make controversial advertising offensive?’ presented at the Australian and New Zealand Communications Association Conference in 2004 stated that controversial advertisings that is racist, sexist, or have violent images, particularly when targeting the female market can impact negatively on a brand. But what happens when these are fake advertisements? There is a trend for people to create fake, high quality advertisements and release them via social media with the aim of them going viral – there are even awards for fake ads. In some instances these fake advertisements can be highly controversial in their message and can result in the public relations nightmare for the actual company. Yes although fake, these can still affect the image of a company/brand and result in decrease in sales and boycotting of the product, and the end result comes down to how the company handle the fake campaign. Continue reading

Not all controversial advertising is good publicity.

In today’s society, we are bombarded with advertising on a daily basis, seeing thousands, if not millions of advertisements. It is a cluttered market place; there is no doubt about that. Companies want to get through that clutter and noise so their target market can understand their message which will hopefully persuade or influence them to contact the company, visit the store, and ultimately buy the product. A few companies are now going with controversial ads to stand out from the crowd and also with the aim that the ad might go viral so more people hear their message. With social media the current trend, people tend to voice their complaints – whether on bad service or a bad ad – via this medium faster than ever before and companies then have possible collateral damage that can affect the company and the brand for a long time. There is that old saying that ‘all publicity is good publicity’, however when companies and/or brands step over the line, it can actually cause product boycotts, negative public reaction and a decrease in sales. Continue reading